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Jemar Contracting has been offering the best roofing contractor services in Bensalem PA and the surrounding area since 2001. Our owner, Jeffrey R. Maiorana, is a third-generation roofer whose has built his business on putting the customer first. He is also a roofing contractor himself and is often found working on-site with our team.

Our roofing company focuses on installing quality roofing services for both residential and commercial patrons in Bensalem PA. We also specialize in roof installations for new construction. When the job is done, Jemar Contracting can offer affordable maintenance plans as well as provide special offers to help you save. In addition, our roofing contractors offer financing for roof repairs and roof installations to make sure that you can guarantee the safety of those inside your home or place of business.

When you call Jemar Contracting for your roofing needs, our professional roofers will treat you like family, and give you the honesty and respect you are looking for. If you are in need of emergency roofing repairs from storm damages in the Bensalem PA area, we'll be the first to respond to your call. We will assess the condition of your roof as soon as possible in order to best protect the people and property within your home or place of business. Additionally, the expert roofing contractors at Jemar Contracting will work with your insurance company to make sure that you will be getting the most from your claims.

Bensalem Roof Repairs

Jemar Contracting provides roof repairs you can rely on. While most roofing companies in the Bensalem PA area will try to sell you a roof replacement in order to get the most for their time, Jemar Contracting will only sell you what you need. If you are experiencing a leaky roof, you may only need a few repairs in order to extend the lifetime of your roof.

Should you own a commercial property and find yourself in need of roof repairs, Jemar Contracting's commercial roofing contractors will work with you to schedule a time that is best for your repairs. We take pride in causing little to no disturbance for the occupants of your place of business during their daily routine.

Bensalem Roof Replacements

It can be stressful to decide whether or not your home is in need of roof repairs or a roof replacement. When you call Jemar Contracting, you can be sure you'll receive a judgement call from the most honest roofer in Bensalem PA. Our team of roofing contractors always has your best interest in mind and will work with you and your insurance company to negotiate your way through the claims.

As your roof ages, there are a number of telltale signs that is time to consider the installation of a new roof. Some examples include:

  • Ceiling Stains
  • Sagging Ceiling Drywall
  • Worn, cracked, curled or missing shingles
  • Streaks and/or stains on exterior walls
  • Streaks and/or stains on the roof shingles
  • Obvious mold or moss growth
  • Missing or loose flashing around chimneys
  • Sagging or staining under roof deck

If you are unsure if your roof is in need of roof repairs or a new roof installation, call Jemar Contracting today. Our team of roofers will be able to perform a roof inspection as well as set up a roof maintenance plan that will save you hundreds of dollars down the line.

Don't wait until you have a leaking roof to seek assistance with your roof. By the time you can see the damage in your home, your roof repairs have already become much more costly. Call today to learn about our free roof inspections and take part in any of our other great offers.

Our Services Include:

  • Roof Repairs & Maintenance
  • Storm Damage Roof Repairs
  • Roof Inspections for Buying or Selling Property
  • Roof Inspections for Insurance or Financing Purposes
  • Roof Installations
  • Roof Replacements
  • Residential Roof Services
  • Commercial Flat Roof Services

If you are in need of a Bensalem roofing contractor for your home or are searching for a Bensalem roofing contractor in Bensalem PA 19020, call us at (215) 544-1157 or complete our online request form.