What to do After a Storm Damages Your Roof in the Greater Philadelphia Area

Dealing with storm damages isn’t ever a fun thing to do, especially with all the stress you can have if you don’t know what to do first when your roof is damaged by bad weather. The good news is you don’t have to go through your storm damage repairs alone. A professional roofing contractor, like those at Jemar Contracting, LLC can help you throughout the whole process, doing everything we can to see to it that the repairs are done right. Professionals like ours have spent years in the roofing industry and are capable of helping you immensely with the repairs and any insurance claims you may be trying for. We also have financing available in case you need it.

It’s important when you realize you have storm damages to contact a professional, so please do right away. Roof leaks cause more extensive damages that you don’t want to face if the repairs aren’t handled quickly. Many roofing contractors will come out to make temporary repairs if the storm damages can’t be permanently fixed right away. When a storm hits an area and damages commercial or residential roofs, roofing contractors are in high demand, so it’s important to know who you’re going to call before hand. Once the damages are evident, call whether the sun shines or it’s still raining on your roof in Philadelphia and Surrounding areas. Let your professional roofing contractor get the process started and advice you of what you need to do next.

  • Storm Damage Repairs
  • Hail Damage Repairs
  • Fire Damage Repairs
  • Water Damage Repairs
  • Roof Inspections

Shingles or Roof Replacements

The damage to your shingles or entire roof structure can be extensive enough to warrant replacement. While your roof damages may look really bad after a storm, it could be much less extensive than you think. In either case, a professional roofing contractor can assess the damages for you and give you a free quote. You want to be sure you contact a roofing company that is fully licensed, insured, experienced, honest, and checks backgrounds and does drug testing on employees. Also be sure you ask around about their reputation in your area. If the storm damage repair company isn’t local, you’re better advised to choose a company with longevity in the Greater Philadelphia Area because you want to be able to call them back if they made mistakes and you’ll want to ensure they have a good reputation.

After you contact a professional roofing contractor to give you an estimate on roof repairs, you’ll want to call your insurance carrier. They will send out an inspector to inspect your storm damages, but they are paid by the insurance company. You should have a professional inspection done by your choice in roofing inspectors to ensure you are well represented. This will help you to submit the documentation you need. Your professional roofing company should also work with your insurance company adjuster to ensure you’re being treated fairly. Jemar Contracting, LLC can do all this to help you and more, so give us a try to see why Philadelphia and Surrounding areas prefer our help with storm damage roof repairs!

If you have roof storm damages in the Greater Philadelphia Area, please call 215-544-1157 or complete our online request form.