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There are many advantages to having a roof inspection done by a professional Huntingdon Valley roofing contractor. Inspections can tell you everything there is to know about the structure of your entire roof so you know what to expect from it in terms of longevity when not affected by storm damages. Jemar Contracting can assist you with roof inspections for buying or selling property as well as for insurance or financing purposes. Click here to learn more about a free roof inspection!

The Overhead Care Club

At Jemar Contracting, LLC, our certified professionals can handle your roof maintenance. As part of the Overhead Care Club, we will ensure that you experience the following benefits:

  • Annual Checkups - In addition to the photos taken inside and outside the roof, our technicians will closely inspect other important elements. During this time, we will clean any skylights and get rid of debris that may have collected on the roof. Exposed nail heads will be sealed properly, which means you can keep your own two feet on the ground.
  • Exclusive Discounts - You will receive a 10% discount on any roof repairs. Your service fee will be only $19, compared to up to $99 if you were not a member.
  • Lifetime Guarantee - As long as you remain a member of the club, we guarantee all roof repairs that are done during the life of the roof.
  • Priority Guarantee - Our members are our #1 priority. As a member, we'll put you at the top of the list when you need a repair, and will arrive on site within a day of your initial call.
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Jemar Contracting, LLC has been providing quality roof repairs in Philadelphia since 2001. Our family owned company began with three generations in the roofing industry. We would love to be your roofing contractor of choice when you need roofing repairs, storm damage roof repairs, or installation services. You'll have a roofing contractor in the Greater Philadelphia Area who you can trust to treat you like family.

In general, we primarily focus on roof repairs due to the storm patterns and older roof structures in the Greater Philadelphia Area. When your roof is damaged by storms or has just worn out from age, call our roofing contractors for affordable, quality repairs. We work on both commercial and residential roofs and have all the experience we need to do a great roof repair for you. We use the Rhino Roofing System that is tough and durable for your roof repairs, so you know you're getting a quality product.

Jemar Contracting, LLC roofing contractors are expert troubleshooters who can solve your roof issues. We can tackle your project no matter the problems or size of the repairs. Our team will always strive for your 100% satisfaction on every job, which we guarantee. If you own a home or a business in the Montgomery County or Bucks county area, we can provide you with the most in high quality, affordable roofing services in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

Expert Residential Roofing Repairs

Do you have a home or commercial business in the Greater Philadelphia Area with roof shingles or structural damages that require a good roofing contractor for repairs? All roofs have a limited lifetime, so if yours is in need of repair, you need a team who can fix them for you. You may have a few shingles blown off that need to be matched during repairs, you may be nearing replacement time, or you may have a caved in structure from a tree limb falling on the roof. Jemar Construction, LLC roofers are the roofing contractors who can handle the roof repairs no matter what's going on with your roof in Philadelphia and Surrounding areas. Whether it's Emergency Repairs, Inspections, Storm Damages, or Roof Leaks, we'll be there for your roof repairs!

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Affordable House Roofing Installations

Roofing Contractors PhiladelphiaWe take your satisfaction seriously at Jemar Contracting LLC, which means you'll have the most in affordable, quality roofing installations for your home or business in the Greater Philadelphia Area. A new roof installation can be necessary for new construction or when adding on, which is an exciting, but complicated project. If you're building new or adding onto your home or building in the Greater Philadelphia Area, we can offer you upfront quotes for the roofing installation that you can trust. With our more than a century of experience, our roofing contractors are the best you'll find. Plus, our quality products will protect your home or commercial building for years! Give our Roofing Contractors in the Greater Philadelphia Area a call to see great samples in quality shingles you'll love.

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Storm Damage Roof Repairs

There's nothing like having a storm come through our area and seeing all the destructive force from the storm that damages roof structures. When your roof in the Greater Philadelphia Area needs repairs from storm damages, it's important to have a company you can call for such repairs. Jemar Contracting LLC will make sure you have documentation of your roof damages from storm activity which can be very useful in filing insurance claims and knowing all about your current roof structure. Our roofing contractors in the Greater Philadelphia Area work with clients whose homes have sustained storm damages. We work alongside your insurance company to make your storm damage repair go smoothly. We can also perform any other roof work that is covered under insurance claims repair, so if your entire roof needs replacement, we can make the repairs. Plus, you'll love our convenient third party financing for storm damages, new roofing installations, or any other roofing repairs.

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Why Choose Us As Your Favorite Philadelphia Roofing Contractors?

Our business model is built on giving our customers the best quality for the best value, so you know you're always working with a roofing contractor who will work hard for you. Our pricing is upfront and reasonable. Jemar Contracting LLC has been roofers in Philadelphia for a long time, so you know you're going to have experienced roofing contractors in charge of your roof repairs projects. Our Technician Seal of Safety puts your mind at ease with the knowledge that your safety and comfort is at the top of our list. Plus, our exclusive Overhead Care Club ensures that your roofing maintenance is a breeze year after year. If your roof needs attention, call us and see why so many other homeowners and business owners in Montgomery and Bucks Counties choose us as their favorite roofing contractors! We'll give you some great references so you know you can count on us!

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